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Mini Space Rogue

Answer the frontier’s call!

Designed by Daniel Chou | Game art by ae1996 and cover art by Norma2D

Become a merchant traveling across a section of Western Europe. Leave your family and home with 5 coin in your pocket and try to make a living buying and selling goods for the best price at the whims of the fluctuating market. During your travels one thing becomes clear: the road to success is laden with risk!

1-4 Players | Ages 12 & Up | 1-2 hours | $39.99 MSRP

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Gen Con '19 convention

Answer the frontier’s call! Space pirates are swarming the outermost reaches of space and a broken star system cries for help. Steer your small ship toward adventure exploring a new system, salvaging resources, hiring a crew, completing planetary missions, outfitting your ship, and blasting pirates. You aim to take advantage of these dangerous times and get rich quick, but forever looming on the horizon is the destructive Pirate Base that can plunge the system into permanent chaos. Will you strike it rich and save the star system?

Mini Space Rogue is a hybrid cooperative/competitive exploration game with a modular board and spaceships.

The goal of the game is to earn the most Victory Points (VP). The game ends at the end of the turn the Pirate Base is defeated or the Pirate Base destroys the Space Station. Rank players from first to last according to who has the most VP. All players lose if the Pirate Base destroys the Space Station.


160 mini cards, 20 tarot cards, 18 crew pawns, 10 slider clips, 10 dice, 4 ship pawns, 1 captain token, 1 manual.

Ship tracking tarots

Choose your cruiser and scour the start system for glittering prizes!

4 different space-faring races
space tiles

Explore a vast and randomly-generated star system with risk and reward!

52 space tiles
Captain cards
Planet missions
Cargo cards
Acrylic ship pawns

Progress Updates

Mini Space Rogue made it to the big time at the Gen Con 2019 First Exposure Playtest Hall with rave reviews. In development since 2016, we're still tweaking balance and exploring viable printable components. Our game art is now complete and we are seeking designers for the box design. We anticpate crowdfunding sometime in 2020.

You can join in the creation of Mini Space Rogue by joining our Facebook fan group!

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For more fantastic pixel art...

DeviantArt artist Norma2D created our fantastic cover art and UK-based artist ae1996 created our card art. At time of posting, his online presence was currently on haitus.

[email protected]