Merchants of Medieval Europe

Rags to riches, one crate at a time

Designed by Alex Fiks and Daniel Chou | Art by Henry Hammond

Become a merchant traveling across a section of Western Europe. Leave your family and home with 5 coin in your pocket and try to make a living buying and selling goods for the best price at the whims of the fluctuating market. During your travels one thing becomes clear: the road to success is laden with risk!

2-6 Players | Ages 10 & Up | 1-2 hours | $50 MSRP

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Let the designer tell you a little about our game based on the prototype version.


180 good crate cards, 6 Pawns, 6 quarter mats, 54 poker cards, 18 slider clips, 8 colored discs.

Load your cart with 8 different types of historical goods!

180 good crate cards

Upgrade your cart to a wagon which carries more goods and travels faster!

6 player mats

Progress Updates

We've been hard at work on the 1st official public edition for the past few years. Regarding the Beta edition many of you have played, we've streamlined the turns, made money more valuable, and even solved the 'buy all the bread' dilema we've heard from playtesters. Our next steps are completing the new family-centered artwork and experimenting with different components. Follow us to find out when you can prototype a copy or find out when we'll begin crowdfunding hopefully in 2020!

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Thanks to...

Merrill-Travis RA Staff, East Campus Suites RA Staff, Protospiel, many local gaming conventions, and all our friends and family that have playtested Merchants into existence over the years!

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