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This is not CU

Prospective Students

About CHOU! University

Conceived in 2009, CHOU! University is a place for friends to live and learn. C!U came about because our founder wanted a school where people could love what they do everyday.

September 4, 2013, CHOU! University launched into the hearts and minds of students everywhere and thus here we are today.

The University doesn't have a physical campus. It doesn't have tenured faculty. In fact, C!U isn't exactly "accredited" by a "respectable organization", whatever that means. We reject those limiters and instead invite you to the C!U campus! If you look closely enough, you may see C!U in your heart.

The University offers:

  • some programs of study!
  • all your friends!
  • novel experiences!
  • competitive Color House system!

Regardless of what they study, C!U students will have fun, experience new fields, and possibly create new friendships along the way. Apply today!

Learning Through Experience

Following in the faith of the great educator and pedagogist John Dewey, C!U believes students learn best when they throw their hands into our subjects.

Whether in person, with a computer, or remotely, students will experience first hand the coursework and be able to interact with mentors in the classroom (virtually through course materials designed by the instructors, of course).

Growing population

C!U students are all around you right now. Look to your left. Look to your right. Are you alone? Then open your front door and run wildly into the hallway. Eventually you will find someone who has attended a class at C!U. Don't you want to be the one others are running around desperately trying find? Apply today!

History and Traditions

CHOU! University Fight Song

C-U! C-U! See you at the game!
Prepare for CHOU! Look out for CHOU!
Our athletes are insane!

C-U! C-U! See you afterwards!
We'll shout 'hooray'! We'll say 'good game'!
Next time don't play like turds!


Our Greatest Rival

Garfield College


Awards and Recognitions

dundieThe Dundie Award presented to CHOU! University on behalf of Emma Mentley in recognition of it's efforts to build community both on and offline.


Natalie Stigers
Can I just say that Chou! University is the best school ever. I mean ever. I love it. It is perfect.

Sammie Kopson

Connor Bartz
Glad that I got accepted into Chou University. Good school to go to, and am loving every minute of it.

Joyanna Powell
I'm anxious to see what courses are offered in Mermaidic studies. Maybe it will even branch out to include all types of cryptic creatures! Finally classes I want to study for!

Niecey A. Wooten
I've been accepted to C!U

Greg Priester
I've finally been accepted to CHOU! University!!! #DreamCameTrue!

Emma Mentley
I'm an eager student AND a dean of a college! I truly bleed *insert official color of CHOU! U here*

Katie DeCare
Best fight song EVER

Ash Summers
This made my day a million times better

Kevin Maenle
Hoping to get accepted to C!U! Finally I will be getting my life on track!

Duane Jake Roberts Jr.
How do I apply for this magnificent and super University!?

Tim Mulligan
I got my acceptance letter today im so excited!

Garrett Taylor
Joys of Chou university!

Not a lasagna yet?