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School of Christmas Studies

XMAS 213 Introduction to Greeting Cards

Students will learn why greeting cards are such an essential aspect to 'Christmas Cheer'. They will wonder no longer by registering for this class!  Seriously, stop wondering and just send Christmas cards!

Course Description

Prof Emma has the following tips for aspiring card givers:

  • Utilize pre-requisite knowledge from XMAS140 Beginning Literature
  • Explore the complex political nature of your Mom's Christmas Card Address List
  • Understand the Christmas Math Model (puns + cute animals = instant cheer)
  • Practice sending greeting cards to friends

Prof Emma has the following comments about the syllabus: "Christmas cards are lovely. Why not send them electronically and double your reach? "

Prof Emma's final exam involves sending Christmas e-cards to friends and family.

Prof Emma presents the following qualifications for this course: "I created the field of Christmas Studies. What have you done with your life?"

Students will be graded on the following criteria: number of Christmas e-cards they send. Extra credit is available to those who send physical cards in the mail, at the rate of 1 Physical Card = 3 E-Cards.

Number of E-Cards

Course Materials

Browse Christmas E-Cards. Presented by

Browse More Christmas E-Cards. Presented by

How to Send E-Cards on

Origami Greeting Card Writing Instructional Video

Never Ending Christmas Card Instructional Video

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