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School of Christmas Studies

XMAS 201 Gift Giving and Wrapping

Students will learn an overview of the gift-giving culture of Christmas with practical instruction on gift wrapping.

Course Description

Prof Emma has the following tips for aspiring gifters:

  • Understand more fully the 'Love Language' of recieving gifts
  • Practice gift matching and one-upping
  • Explore the importance of presentation behind just food but for gifts as well
  • Learn how to perfectly wrap a boxed gift

Prof Emma has the following comments about the syllabus: "View all of the course materials to gain a visual understanding of our topics."

Prof Emma's final exam involves wrapping a beautiful gift, giving to a close friend, and receiving a positive response.

Prof Emma presents the following qualifications for this course: "I created the field of Christmas Studies. Booyah."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: facial expression of person receiving the wrapped gifts.

Reciever's Facial Expression
Is there coal in here?
Oh.. you shouldn't have...
Wow! Box is nicer than whatever's inside!

Course Materials

Love Language of Receiving Gifts. Original book by Gary Chapman. Blog article by Cassie of 'true agape'.

How to Wrap a Present

How NOT to Wrap a Present

Not a lasagna yet?