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School of Wellness

WELS 101 Introduction to Tai Chi

Students will learn about all the basics principles of Tai Chi, such as balance, posture, breathing, and movement. Students will then follow an instructional video with friends.

Course Description

Prof Dan has the following tips for aspiring monks:

  • Learn to control your breathing
  • Always take it slow when learning a new movement
  • Technique is more important than speed
  • Find your balance center in your stomach
  • Practice in a quiet environment where you can hear your own breathing

Prof Dan's final exam involves demonstrating proper breathing and balance techniques.

Prof Dan presents the following qualifications for this course: "I practiced Tai Chi in undergrad during two summers to an instructional video. It was a special video that made anyone watching into a master. Unfortunately, I no longer have that tape as I had to return it to the mountain top monastery that I checked it out from. Their library has very strict late penalties."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: amount of articles read before watching the introductory video.

Articles Read

Course Materials

Introduction to the health benefits of Tai Chi.

Introduction to Tai Chi History. By Christopher Majka

Principles of Tai Chi. By Joseph A. Laronge.

Basic Premises of Chi. By

Importance of Breathing and HowTo. By

Proper Tai Chi posture. By

Tips for Beginners. By

Taichi Introductory Video (Practice with a friend!)


Extra Credit

Visit Prof Dan's C!U homepage

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