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School of Pharmacy

PHAR 101 Pills and Other Cures

Students will hone their skills in the video game Dr. Mario and save virtual lives with virtual pills. 

Course Description

Prof Marci has the following tips for aspiring Dr. Mario Pharmacists. In order to doctor:

  • Rotate the pill
  • Stack 4 of the same color, up/down or left/right
  • Line up colors even if they are not touching
  • Always plan many steps ahead
  • Always challenge yourself, you'll begin to react faster
  • If you own Dr. Mario, challenge a friend to doctoring
Prof Marci's final exam involves challenging her to a Dr. Mario duel at or above her Dr. Mario Level and Speed of choice. No one has ever passed her class. Also, students may schedule an appoinment in the PHARM101 lab by contacting Prof Marci to practice their doctoring with a friend using the C!U equipment. Prof Marci offers these tips for general Dr. Mario challenges.
  • Clear two or more sets at once and send garbage pills to your opponent
  • Listen for that special sound that means your opponent is sending garbage your way
  • Be ready for added pressure that is not evident when doctoring alone

Prof Marci presents the following qualifications for this course: "I play Dr. Mario on level 20 to warm up."

Use this course page to practice your doctoring on this 1-player only game. You can assess your current grade with this chart: (Note: Speed set to Medium)

Level (Speed Medium)

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