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School of Media Production

MPRO 375 Podcasting

Students will experience quality examples of the digital medium known as podcasting and be confident to reproduce an original piece.

Course Description

Prof Dan has the following tips for aspiring podcasters:

  • Put your recording device in a sock to mimic a higher quality noise-cancelling mic
  • Find a space with limited echoing potential
  • Sit close to your mic
  • Have at least a rough outline of material before recording
  • Create memorable sound bites and theme music

Prof Dan's final exam involves students successfully producing their own short podcast.

Prof Dan presents the following qualifications for this course: "I have created 1 and co-hosted 2 podcasts. Previously, I created Some Nerds and a Podcast (SNAAP), and recently I co-host The Best of the Worst Podcast."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: points will be awarded based on the quality of various podcast attributes. Grading follows traditional A 90-100, B 89-80, etc.

Podcast Attribute
Speech Quality
Music/Sound Effects
Timing and Flow
Percentage of Grade

Course Materials
Increase your knowledge of podcasting by listening to these quality podcasts. Once your confident on what makes a good podcast, record a short one of our own.

Free Audio Editing Software
Audacity. Free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Introducation to Using Audacity

Audio Recording
TIPS: Use your cell phones native voice recorder. You can then email it to your computer to edit with Audacity.

The Best of the Worst Podcast
Dan, Emma, Marci, and Zac! Every month, we'll bring you the best of our opinions concerning the worst topics. All from your favorite people! You thought you liked us before? Listen in and LOVE US! We demand it! We're four Hall Directors who supervise residence halls on a college campus together. Inevitably, we have deep after-dinner conversations that should be shared with others. That is how this podcast came about. 


Some Nerds and a Podcast
Join Daniel Chou, Marci Weiss, and Nathan Brinker each week for gaming, technology, and SCIENCE! SNAAP is a podcast that you'll find quick and palatable over a 1/2 hour, but full of your weekly dose of nerd nutrition!

Not a lasagna yet?