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School of Medicine

MEDI 411 Hospital Management Internship

Students will learn how to manage a virtual hospital and save hundreds of lives with the latest medical technology from 1997.

Course Description

Prof Dan has the following tips for aspiring virtual hospital managers:

  • Learn about Theme Hospital here
  • Having a spaceous and well-seated receptionist area is key
  • Pop machines placed in key places will help keep revenues up
  • When you see a rat, click it to keep vermin populations low
  • Hire a few great janitors instead of many poor ones
  • If you really like Theme Hospital, buy the full game (C!U does not endorse or profit from

Prof Dan's final exam involves beating the first level of the game demo with a great score.

Prof Dan presents the following qualifications for this course: "As a young lad, I used to play hours of Theme Hospital on my old Hewlett Packard PC with 64MB of ram and a whopping 600MB hard drive. I designed hospitals like a pro, and you can too."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: ability to score good money.

$ Earned

Course Materials

The short version to play this demo


1. Download the appropriate installer or package here: (it depends on what kind of Windows or Mac OS you have.
2. Run it and follow the instructions.
3. The first time you start the game it may ask for the location of Theme Hospital. If you don't have Theme Hospital already you can buy it at or download the free demo here.
4. Play the game!

The long version

Visit this link to read more detailed instructions.

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