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School of Medicine

MEDI 101 Heart Surgery

Learn to speedily and accurately perform a virtual heart transplant. Emphasis on the heart only.

Course Description

Prof Dan has the following tips for aspiring virtual team heart surgeons. You will learn on a free demo version of Surgery Simulator 2013, which is famous for being notoriously difficult to control. In order to doctor:

  • Find a friend. One cannot doctor alone, it's too dangerous
  • One person uses the mouse to move your hand, another uses the keyboard to move your fingers
  • Choose to open the chest cavity with the pizza cutter, bone saw, or hammer
  • Cut all the arteries until the heart stops beating, then remove
  • This is a heart transplant. Emphais is on replacing the heart
  • If you own Surgeon Simulator 2013, try their level. It is harder than this demo version
  • To learn more about this surgery simulator, read about it's hilarious history here
Prof Dan's final exam invovles completing a heart surgery with a partner on the real Surgeon Simulator 2013 game. A few students have already passed this class, and you can too! Students may schedule an appoinment in the MEDI101 lab by contacting Prof Dan. Students will demonstrate their team-doctoring using the C!U equipment. Prof Dan offers these tips for the final exam.
  • Know what your go-to tools are for each task
  • Know the steps to removing the heart
  • Be ready for more instruments and clunkier physics

Use this course page to practice your doctoring on a demo version of Surgeon Simulator 2013. You can assess your current grade with this chart. After completing a successful operation, how much blood remains in the patient?

Blood Level Remaining


Game Controls


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