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School of FISH

FISH 101 CHOU! U and You

Students will learn about CHOU! U, how to be a successful student at our fine institution, and to be a proud Fighting Lasagna!

Course Description

Prof Marci has the following tips for aspiring C!U students:

  • Take this class seriously
  • Ask questions
  • Be proactive and put forth effort

Prof Marci has the following comments about the syllabus: "Most students fail their new student seminar (FISH101) because they think it is a blow off class or a waste of time. This is as important of a class as any of your other classes. This class will cover basic things about the University such as resources, overviews of the different Schools and courses we offer, etc."

There is no cumulative final exam. As a seminar course, students will complete work as they progress through class, learning more about the University as they are instructed to interact with it.

Prof Marci presents the following qualifications for this course: "Prof Marci ftw!!!!11!!1
No. But really. And I love new student seminar classes, I once wrote an introduction to a chapter in a new student seminar class, and I have student-taught two first-year student classes and one new-transfer student course."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: It won't be difficult, but students will need to actually do the easy work to get an A.

Percentage of Homework Assignments Turned In With Your Name at the Top

Course Materials

Homework 1 - Suggest student tips for new C!U students.

Student Submitted Tips - Browse other C!U student's submitted tips.

Visit the Office of Student Activities - Participate in the next Seasonal Celebration hosted by the Office of Student Activities.



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