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Emma C. Mentley College of Detectiving and Sluethery

DTSL 101 Detective Basics

Students will focus on the remedial skills for general detective work. Focus is on simplistic codes and writing letters and words. Also, basic detectiving and mystery solving. However, this course will not cover cornflakes and it strictly prohibits the sparing of horses.

Course Description

Prof Ghostwriter has the following tips for aspiring 1990's PBS child slueths:

  • Crack simple codes
  • Practice letter writing
  • Get Mr. Miller
  • Learn super basic Spanish

Prof Ghostwriter's final exam involves being able to crack the final exam cryptogram and figure out what THABTO means.

Prof Ghostwriter would like to remind all students of its qualifications: "I worked for two years as a children's companion detective in the early 1990s. I was quite famous amongst the PBS crowd. Also, I always encouarge the learning of super basic Spanish. In urban areas, where you may be employed, speaking Spanish is a great skill to have when investigating."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: amount of participation and ability to solve cryptograms.

Speed to solve the Final Exam cryptogram
15 mins
12 mins
10 mins
8 mins
6 mins

Course Materials

Learning Basic Spanish

Homework Assignment (click to ENLARGE)



Final Exam (time yourself!)

Not a lasagna yet?