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Security Council is a published board game! It has rave reviews from people you know! Support a game developer you know, Dan Chou. The Kickstarter campaign will ramp up production to help spread the game.

3 Goals of Kickstarter Campaign
1) To put this game in more people's hands.
2) Have extra boxes to send to Game Shops in order to spread the good word and raise Security Council's status. 
3) Use extra boxes as prizes and giveaways on behalf of CHOU! Games.

Security Council
Created by Daniel Chou
Concept by David Miller
Artwork by Daniel Chou & Emma Mentley
Manual Design: Shane Liening
Kickstarter Video Producer: Ryan Kamischke
Published by CHOU! Games, 2013 
Suggested 3-8 people 
Play Time: 1 - 3 Hours