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About CHOU!

CHOU! Games is an American midwestern board game publishing studio. Founded in 2007 as CHOU! Studio and then in 2010 as CHOU! LLC, previouly CHOU! was a gamer fashion pioneer and original entertainment medium producer. CHOU! printed limited quantity shirts and designed awesome gamer and otaku clothing accessories for people just like us. From 2010-2012, CHOU! LLC division CHOU! Prints printed custom apparel with their own art and for local businesses and educational institutions. Now CHOU! Games, we offer our original card and board games for casual board game enthusiasts and higher education clients. It's a strange mix, but it's perfect for us!

Limited stock of our printed designs are still available in our CHOU! and CHOU! Limited stores.


Daniel Chou
Owner of CHOU!
(219) 440-CHOU


What People Said About CHOU! Prints (custom apparel design and printing)

"LOVE all the Zelda stuff you made me. I wish I could go higher than 5 stars. Maybe around 500-5000." -Noah Buss, Anime Con Goer

"The size of the design and altogether the finished project looks really good :)" -Katelin Girard, Verveseekers.com

"Holy smokes they look awesome!!" -Melissa Figueroa, Green Bay, WI

"Our REH T's look AWESOME!!!!!!" -Rob Trembinski, St. Norbert College

"The TEXAS tshirts which CHOU! produced for our SIUC EAHE 513 project on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board added entertainment value for our classmates, as well as excitement about our project for each team member. Thank you CHOU! for producing a very small order inexpensively overnight!" -Susan Drone, Southern Illinois University

"The shirts you did for Street Smarts were awesome!!!! WOW you did everything so quickly. Reviews from the program..."ROCKIN'SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!" -Sue Bougneit Kittelson, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

"I love it!" -Malinda Jensen, Boise State University

"The shirts look great!" - Mike Roderique, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

"The shirts just came in, and they're looking good!  I was proud to show mine off around the office and at school.  :-D" -Reconsiderate.com

"The [shirts] that I got from CHOU! came out perfect. The image I provided was highly detailed, and I was blown away by how much detail transferred to the shirt. Thanks CHOU!!!!!!!!!! "- Brandon Borgman

"The [Krunkel's Krew] t-shirts were a BIG hit, and people around campus are asking me where I got them - I'm sending them your way!" -Rob Trembinski, St. Norbert College