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Their trash. Your treasure.

Scavenge through a house's glorious garbage. Claim your own back scratcher, metal hat, or grand cheeseburger! But watch out. You might knock over a garbage can and cause a commotion if you are too greedy! When furry critters cause too much noise, they scare easily and leave all their spoils behind. So much for a lucky find!

Scavenge is a family oriented 2-5 player press-your-luck game where you and other raccoons rummage through the rubbish while the game tries to reclaim your tastiest treats. Will you store your loot in your Secret Stash at just the right time? Who will find the 3 mythical cheeseburgers

It's every player against the game. There are no player vs player attack mechanics. Feel the joy when someone finds something great and the angst when you had it all but you pushed your luck one card too far!

Game concept by Daniel Chou. Copy editing by Marci Chou. Scavenge ©2017 CHOU! Games. All rights reserved.